• Drone Hungary
  • EMAX
    YINYAN Model Tech MFT. is a leading design and manufacturing company of high quality brushless motors and other components for the R/C model market under the registered brand name of EMAX, LOONG-MAX. Quality is our top priority which is why we research, develop and produce all the products by ourselves, ensuring total quality control at every stage in the product development and production process. We focus on providing a superior design and manufacturing service at a competitive cost and keeping a proven track record in developing outstanding R/C products for an ever evolving market.

    We have an experienced and dedicated team of research and development engineers as well as highly trained multi-lingual-customer service staff who provide a crucial link between customers and our engineering and production team ensuring that each project and order is delivered on time and to within the budget.

    We integrate highly trained local engineers and designers with high quality manufacturing team in our factory. Our engineers work on a wide scope of projects to enlarge their skills and follow the new product trend closely.

    YINYAN Model Tech MFT. works to maintain an excellent relationship with our customers through communication, efficiency, quality products and competitive prices and we believe that our after-sales support will prove this.
  • FuriousFPV
    With a passionate pursuit of performance and speed that define the bare essentials of micro FPV racing, our team of electronic and mechanical engineers from Europe have assembled to create the most versatile and amazing micro FPV products today. Nothing short of perfection, quality and performance will be settled for, and our amazingly engineered products have been set forth to redefine the micro FPV racing scene in ways you can only begin to dream of.

    Simply put, we understand micro FPV racing, and our outset is a keen focus upon elegant and simple solutions that are amazingly versatile with all the essentials you could ever begin to want in a nano sized package. These designs spare tedious hours of time wasted behind a soldering iron, allowing more time ahead of the competition in the insanity driven world of indoor micro FPV racing.

    Built with incredibly high levels of quality and care, our products & components encompass reliability & durability that is demanded in the tight confines of micro FPV racing. These ultra convenient designs are low in cost, providing simple solutions with products & parts that keep you in the air, ahead of all the rest.

    Focused on the adrenaline induced thrill of micro indoor FPV racing, our team is passionate when it comes to making this world come alive, allowing anyone to step into the micro racing scene with little effort and maximum amounts of fun. This insane technology allows you to unleash your FPV dreams, providing the thrills and spills of micro FPV racing with ready to fly solutions that keep you in the air and ahead of the game.

    Furious FPV - The Ultimate in Micro FPV Racing Solutions.
  • JJRC
  • RunCam
    RunCam is established in 2013. Committed to the research and development of FPV cameras and camcorders, we launched multiple products that have gained popularity among FPV pilots.

    To us, quality is a habit, not an act.

    Our users are our friends, we want you to be thrilled and be passionate by our products.

    RunCam is born for RC fanatics.

    Be brave, take risks. Experience has no substitutes.

    The will to win, the desire to succeed, and the urge to reach your full potential.

    Together we can achieve so much more than being alone.

    Runcam needs you and you need Runcam.
  • Tattu
    We are possessing 3,000 professional workers, 30 acres manufacturing base,30,000 square meter factory area, Shenzhen ACEPOW Electronics Co. Ltd is one of the top rank rc battery corporations collecting the research and batteries manufacturer on NIMH BATTERY,LIPO BATTERY,LIFE BATTERY by the effort of 200 professional engineers and technicians with 20 years exquisite battery technology.

    As a Chinese leading designer and manufacturer of advanced rechargeable batteries, ACEPOW ELECTRONICS CO.LIMITED has continually devoted its resources and efforts to developing high performance and reliable rechargeable batteries for industrial and consumer applications in today's global market.

    Based on its advanced technology,stringent QC ,and cost competitiveness,we offer a wide range of quality Nikel Metal Hydride as well as Lithium-Polymer batteries to meet ever-growing demands for higher drain performance, higher energy density,lighter-weight,more safety and longer cycle life.
  • Xsoul
    Professional propeller manufacturer