Real Drone Simulator

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of drones with us!

Our simulator is not just a game, but a learning experience. Learn to fly various drones risk-free!
We are continuously working to bring you the most realistic experience in both physics and visuals. Next to using the most advanced game development techniques, we are also developing custom tools to provide the most unique and original experiences.

The simulator is based on existing drones and parts, including their measured parameters with the support of the manufacturers. We intend to grow by continuously adding more models. The Physics engine of RDS is based on real-life physics formulas, and the software includes a flight behavior pre-calculator simulation system to determine the flight characteristics of even custom-built drones.

The available game modes are the Free Flight, Time Trial, Racing at the moment, and soon other modes will be added like Cinematography, Aerial Filming, Freestyle, Arcade, Strategical Missions, and more. There is a built-in Custom Map Editor as well, and the created maps can be hosted in multiplayer events.

Challenge your friends in thrilling multiplayer races with our Online Multiplayer feature, where the Racing mode is already available, and it will also have various modules like the base of the Cross-vehicle and the Tournament system, which will be ready to use in the next public update (version 0.8.2).

The software is Cross-Platform capable. At the moment, it is available for Windows and Android only, but the next major update will be published for macOS, Linux, and iOS as well. The Android version is in experimental status, therefore it is only available to download from this website. Both the Windows and Android versions support most R/C transmitters, game controllers, and touchscreen input is also available.

Immerse yourself in realistic drone flying with our customizable graphics and settings, ensuring an optimal experience on your devices. For the best experience for the desktop version, the recommended setup is a computer with at least a 4-core CPU, 8GB RAM, a DirectX11 compatible graphics card with 4GB VRAM, and SSD for fast loading times. Desktop PCs perform better with next-gen shading and optimization techniques.

Exciting changes are on the horizon! Stay tuned for the next major update and be part of the drone revolution. It will bring countless new features, new drones and parts, new existing Real World maps which include or based on 3D scanned objects / environments using various techniques and custom workflows to be able to process highly detailed and a huge amount of captured data. The User Profile system will be added to the new version, therefore users will require to register a free RDS account to be able to use the software. The registration will be available soon.

Follow the news here and in our social media channels for more details.

Thank you for joining us on this thrilling drone adventure. Happy flying from the RDS Team!

Our latest videos

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